Sunday, January 16, 2005

When the Earth is Young

the world spins and mortal men
bowed down with quiet fears
break upon the barren shore
and grieve the fleeting years

for what has been is evermore
destined now to pass
till blackness comes to drown the sun
and prove it empty in the last

and adam’s sons can only cling
to memories unsung
echoes of forgotten rhymes
from when the earth was young…

but the prophets whisper in the dark
quiet tidings of the one
who will sing anew the ancient songs
and light the darkened sun

and adam’s sons will rise again
to claim their fallen throne
for the risen lord will come at last
to heal their broken home

the world spins, immortal men
raised up above the sun
will walk upon the golden fields
when again the earth is young

1 comment:

David Nebraska said...

Very ringsesque. Bravo!