Sunday, February 27, 2005

FIXED: Theological Formation and Social Location

I've written a piece on theological formation and social location. It's too long to post here (10+ pages), but I've provided a link to where it can be downloaded. The basic gist of the article is that the social location of most theologians (the academy) is too far removed from the context in which their theology is to be applied (the church). Solution? We need more pastoral theologians and less academic theologians.

Try Now... The link should be working.


David Nebraska said...

Your links not working.

Gerald said...

Shoot. I was feeling all clever, but not anymore. I'll work on it and let you know.

Jake said...

Hmmm. If theologians are "far removed from the context in which their theology is to be applied" why are you going for the PhD at Wheaton instead of the pastorate? Peace.

Gerald said...


Good question. I'm not arguing that the academy is completely bankrupt, only that much of what goes on there is slanted toward accademic concerns that often have little direct relevance for the church. But the fact remains that in spite of its short comings, the academy still possesses the best theologians and scholars of Christianity. So my intent is to go to Wheaton (or wherever), take from it what I can, and then go back into the pastorate and attempt to formulate theology from the social location of the local church.

I would love to see the next generation of theologians be more wed to pastoral ministry than is the present situation. Both John Piper and N.T.Wright begin to get at what I'm talking about (though Tom Wright is new to parish ministry as the Bishop of Durham, and Piper stays pretty limited to Reformed circles). Todd pointed out some comments Wright has along these lines here.


David Nebraska said...

Good stuff!