Friday, March 11, 2005

Sing of the One

An angry throng, the martyr’s song
Quiet prayers to finish well
An open door, the lion’s roar
On dusty ground their bodies fell

A race of pain, the crowd’s disdain
And all of heaven shakes
The journey done, the victory won
And night is turned to day

They did not doubt
They would not bow...

And they were not afraid to die
With the bridegroom at their side
And they rejoiced in their death
To sing of the one
Who would bring them again to life

A longer road, a different foe
Ours is not the martyr’s crown
For the tempter calls with siren song
And chains of ease to drag us down

He offers wine from poisoned vine
And empty dreams of painless life
But Jesus calls “forsake it all
Take up your cross and daily die”

Let us be undone
Let the kingdom come...

And we are not afraid to die
With the bridegroom at our side
And we'll rejoice in our death
To sing of the one
Who will bring us again to life


CrnbrdEater said...

Is this also part of your novella...or just for fun.

J Daniel said...

tell me this has a tune with which to be strummed on your Taylor
and, alas!, i will rejoice.

Gerald said...

No such luck. I can't carry a tune in a bucket. But you can give it a go if you like. Just don't forget to cut me in on all the royalties.