Thursday, April 14, 2005

The Madness Continues

So I'm another four hours into the formatting project. Thanks to Crnbrdeater, I finally figured out how to "place the 2 inch separator line on the line immediately below text and then follow immediately with another blank line before footnote text." Sound simple? Not so, my friend, not so.

I'm moving onto the second page of corrections now. Pray for me.


Barrett said...

click on view, then "print layout"
view then toolbars, make sure standard, formatting and reviewing are checked. also click on the show/hide paragraph button on your formatting toolbar (should be by the page percentage drop down menu). hope this helps, don't know how proficiant in Word you are...good luck buddy.
(you don't know me, just stumbled across your blog.)

Dan J. said...

Ahh the wonderful world of Microsoft. Makers of programs that require technical support, therefore bringing in more money for their corporation. The evil genius, you almost have to admire them.

Dan J.