Sunday, October 02, 2005


The Cubicle Reverend assaulted me with this project and for better or worse here are my answers.

1.Total number of books you own?
More than I’ve read. Weighted mostly toward OT and NT commentaries. Includes a bunch of books on sotieriology and general theology. Quite a bit by dead white theologians (Augustine, Calvin, Luther, etc.). Looks pretty comparable to this.

2. What is the last book(s) you bought?
Two together, Stanley Grenz, Renewing the Center and the conservative response by Millard Erkison and company, Reclaiming the Center (since Stanley had apparently run off with it).

3. What was the last book you read?
Read parts of about 15 books in preparation for an article on theological formation. Not sure I read any of them all the way through. Subjects ranged from epistemology (Grenz, Vanhoozer, Mooreland, DeWeese) to American academic history (McGrath, Marsden, Scot, etc.).

4. List 5 books that are particularly meaningful to you (in no particular order):
• Augustine’s Confessions and his anti-Pelagian writings
• Lewis’ Perelandra, Till We Have Faces, Screwtape Letters, and his essay collections.
• John Piper’s God’s Passion for his Glory
• Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings and Silmarillian
• Edwards’ Freedom of the Will

5. Tag five people, any five people who read:
Todd H.
Scottie P.
David H.
William E.
Michael H.


Todd Hiestand said...

dude. i dont read.

The Cubicle Reverend said...

That wasn't so hard was it? Hang in there about the thesis. You'll get there.

Scottie P said...

I wish I had more enthusiasm to read in my spare time.

Gerald said...

well this is a sorry lot thus far.

David Nebraska said...

I'm working on it, patience my son.

Jimmy said...

Thanks you for not picking me. My taste in the written word is...well, it's not what one would call eclectic.

Gerald said...

Jimmy (AKA KR),

Sigh. I can't help feeling as though I failed you, my young padawon.