Thursday, January 12, 2006

Sweet Vindication

For those that bore with me amidst my deep and trying thesis formatting travail (can travail be anything other than "trying"? --no matter) I am happy to report the latest, and indeed conclusion, of the saga. Having previously been fined for failure to meet the deadline, due entirely to formatting issues that I couldn't resolve, I give you now the words of the good Doctor from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School,
Dear Mr Hiestand,

Thank you for your helpful comments relative to the thesis format process, etc. I do not have any immediate solutions to offer, but will simply state that this is an area that we continually work to improve — both institutionally . . .
[etc., etc., skipping now to the good part]
It appears to me in your situation that some of the delay was our responsibility, and thus I have asked that your fall continuation enrollment be a "non-billed continuation" which means that the $302 charge will be reversed.

I am glad you have been able to draw your program to a close! Congratulations!
And thus my saga is happily concluded--just in time for another MA in New Testament. But this time I'll be ready for 'em.


The Cubicle Reverend said...

So it is finally done? I mean really really done?

Todd said...

nice picture. maybe now you can get a set of steak knives from them next semester.

the forester said...

Hooray! Glad to hear they're refunding the money. That was outrageous.