Sunday, April 16, 2006



CrnbrdEater said...

Early morning, three days past
Distant rumbles approaching fast
Stone door shatters, lightnings flash
Earthquake heaving, thunders crash
The grave is empty, death is done
Satan conquered, Christ has won

Gerald said...

very, very nice.

millinerd said...

Make no mistake: if He rose at all
it was as His body;
if the cells’ dissolution did not reverse, the molecules reknit,
the amino acids rekindle,
the Church will fall.

Let us not mock God with metaphor,
analogy, sidestepping transcendence;
making of the event a parable, a sign painted in the
faded credulity of earlier ages;
let us walk through the door.

Let us not seek to make it less monstrous,
For our own convenience, our own sense of beauty,
Lest, awakened in one unthinkable hour, we are
embarrassed by the miracle,
and crushed by remonstrance.

(excerpts from John Updike's Seven Stanzas at Easter)