Saturday, March 31, 2007

Leithart on Justificaiton

What I attempted to do here, Peter Leithart has apparently done here (Spring '07). For a good summary of Leithart’s article, see the Pontificator. The point that Leithart makes is that justification includes both “verdict” and “deliverance.” It includes both God’s “declaration that we are just,” as well as God’s “vindication of us as just individuals.” Leithart writes,
Paul’s declaration that there is “no condemnation” means the same as a declaration that “those who are in Christ Jesus are justified,” and this declaration implies deliverance from sin as well as a forensic verdict (pp. 68-69).
As I argued previously, God’s justifying vindication of those who are “of faith” includes ontological renewal and victory over sin. God not only declares us righteous; he treats us as righteous individuals, thus granting us a participation in the ontological renewal of the New Covenant.

It’s always a bitter-sweet deal when your “original idea” is trumpeted by someone far more respectable. Nice to know you’re not alone, but at the same time, you kind of wish you were. All you theo-egomaniacs know what I mean.


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I won't stand by and let you speak disparagingly of a respected theologian like Peter Leithart. Er wait . . . are you calling me a copycat?!

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I guess you can take some solace in Ecc 1:9b