Friday, January 25, 2008

Raising Purity Now Availalbe

My book is now available online. The publisher has put together a nice little Raising Purity website--you can check out sample pages, back cover, etc. And, of course, buy a copy.

Update: So I was talking to my publisher--who is also an IT guru--and he mentioned how search engines work. The more that people link to your site using a certain phrase, the higher your site's search engine ranking will be for that phrase. So for instance, if were to link the phrase raising pure children, or purity, or sexual purity to my book's website, this would help increase the sites ranking in these categories. Well look at that, I just did. Shameless, I know.


Bradley said...

"My book ... nice ... check [it] out ... of course, buy a copy." - Gerald Hiestand


Thanks for this contribution toward evangelical piety Gerald. Is that a picture of one of your kids?

Gerald said...

Yeah, it's my oldest, from a couple of yrs ago.

By the way, I had a few thoughts on your most recent post. No time to respond in writing, but if you remind me the next time we chat, I'll share them with you.

Bradley said...

Sure; I read your article also; just need some time to organize my thoughts in a most helpful way; but I'm thinkin' it'll be best to talk over the phone. You up for another round?

Anonymous said...

How I wish that all the religious nuts of the world, Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu etc. alike are confined to the Middle East, where all the insanity is concentrated. That would benefit the whole of humanity greatly. Finally a chance for peace and a better future.

Or maybe you console yourselves at the thought that God will smite us non-believers, or rationalists as we would prefer to be called, and send us all to everlasting suffering and torment in hell, isn't that right? If this is what humanity has come to for the thousands of years it existed, then so much for progress, civilization, peace, love, freedom and harmony, because we have failed, especially with people like you still sitting around.


PS. Don't accuse me of hate, after all I'm just speaking my mind here, and with a smile too :)! Love and Peace to you all. I hope you can accept that...oh that's right you already condemned me to hell...sorry I was just trying to share my love...that's ok :)

Gerald said...

Hey JCMac,

Are you still there, or was the above just a "drive by" comment?

Paul said...

Hi Gerald:
I just ordered your book. I am really looking forward to reading it.

see you at the tree.

The Scott said...
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