Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Review of My WTJ Article

Eric Redmond has a nice review of my recent Westminster Theological Journal article. In the article, I argue that the eighteenth-century transition in North America from pastor-scholar to professor-scholar has resulted in the loss of a distinctly ecclesial voice in North American evangelical theology. There is, I contend, a need to return theological reflection and articulation back to the domain of the local church. Not every scholar needs to be a pastor, nor does every pastor need to be a scholar. But many are gifted and called to both pursuits, and we do the church a disservice when we separate the two.

Those of you interested in combining theology and pastoral ministry may find the article interesting.


Matt said...

Don't want to derail this conversation at all but I wanted to ask something completely irrelevant to this post. I know it's been a long time! I hope all has been well...

But...I was thinking about purchasing your thesis and couldn't find the link.

Hope to re-connect some time soon.

Gerald said...


Sent you an e-mail. If you don't get it, let me know.